The Crew on SY Johanna

Berni, Adventurer and Musician

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“I can’t” is a powerful judgement about yourself. As long as you argue for your limitations, you’ll be right.


When I read this sentence, it hit me like a bolt out of the blue. Whenever I was on travel, I was already considering what my next destination should be. Looking at the horizon, I feel passionate about the colorfulness of this world, and the more I experience I get, the more I want to learn. And I can.


Many years ago I realized that being close to water or especially to the ocean fascinates me in a way quite hard to describe. It feels like freedom. And the power of nature. The power of this world. I feel my true nature as an adventurer, explorer and traveler. With the urge to never stop learning, I am driven to get to know foreign cultures, languages, people’s stories. My creative and curious mind always looks for challenges and experience. It’s time to go on a journey and break out of comfort zones.


But there is not only the adventurer inside of me – there is also the artist, the pianist and composer. In the intense process of preparing our journey and changing life upside down I started again to create and produce music, trying to express the colorful world of emotions of the journey with sound. Joy, anticipation, passion, respect, fear, doubts. You can have a look at my portfolio on the bernifox music page.


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And think about your limitations. They might not be true.

Stephan, Sailor and Engineer

Looking back, there was quite some luck involved that I became a passionate sailor. When I was a child, my parents and I spend many summer vacations in a tiny village at the coast of the Baltic sea. One year, the local sailing school offered a free test sail on a Sunday afternoon. I was so excited about the sailing experience, that my parents signed me up for a junior sailing course starting the next day. There, I learned my first lessons and got addicted.

Living in the heart of Germany at that time, it was very difficult to practice sailing without a sea or proper lake close by. For some summers, I went on 2-week sailing vacation with the local swimming club to the northern part of Germany, until I started with yacht sailing in the early 2000s – with the strong intent to go sailing at least for one week per year. This soon turned into two weeks, and then two times two weeks. I found a group of great sailing buddies, together we explored many areas across Europe, mainly long-distance trips, covering the Canary Islands up to Iceland.

Sailing is not my only passion. I’m an Engineer by heart, and buying Johanna was a great way of combining my Engineering skills, learning new techniques and handling materials with sailing (although I hope that the time spent will shift more from engineering to sailing over time :-))

What I like most: Being anchored around New Year in a remote bay in the Med, where you are absolutely the only sailor and even human being around.

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