Here you can see a small selection of pictures of our adventures. To see more and to stay up to date, have a look on our Facebook page and Instagram!

We went to Rome with a rental car to get the key of our new swimming home. It was an incredible feeling when we were handed over the keys and the first night on board of Johanna was overwhelming. The beginning of “project boat”. After one day of preparing and provisioning we sailed her to Pisa where we planned to work on a shipyard along the Arno river. It was in February and the tour from Rome to Pisa was not the nicest trip with strong winds from the North. We finally we made it and got her out of the water. It was the beginning of a very long list of to-do’s to make her shiny again.

Finally arrived at Marina di Pisa, we started to work on the shipyard during our holidays (we still had a normal job in the meantime) to make her ready for future offshore cruising adventures. We learned how to work with epoxy and glass fiber mats, we replaced the sea cocks, overhauled the complete hull, painted 9 layers of gelshield and some more layers of antifouling and much more. Here you can find a selection of boat work pictures!

Our boat needs a new name and it needs to be celebrated! Johanna is named after our both grandmothers. Stephan’s grandmother was 104 years old – she stands for strengh and endurance. Our grandmothers are our guardian angels.

The most special thing about the Christening was the fact that all our family came down to Pisa from Ingolstadt and even Frankfurt! 


Here you can find a selection of sailing pictures and some random shots of life aboard Johanna! What an amazing feeling to be out on the water! And up at the mast top! 🙂

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