Thoughts on decision making and the “right moment” for blue water sailing: The dream that became a plan.

June 2018.

I can remember the day when we were standing on the waterfront in Barcelona, close to Port Olimpic, having a look at all the boats down there. On that day, we had a conversation about the “right moment” to set sails for a longer period of time. There is our career, our jobs, so many people who expect you to settle down, buying a house, kids etc. On that particular day on the waterfront we decided to wait for the right moment.

Some months later, or maybe it was almost a year, we got to the point that this “right moment” will never show up. There will always be circumstances that will hold you back, people who don’t want to let you go, health issues, and from the professional point of view it’s probably always a career break that might look very bad in your CV (although there was a friend telling me that our journey will be some sort of further education: studying this amazing world! :-)).

After my studies, I started work in 2016 – that’s not a long time ago – and I was struggling with the thought of leaving work after almost less than two years. What’s about my career? And of course there are money issues. Did I save enough money? Is it ok to spend all that money which I should actually use for buying a house and taking care of retirement? I can’t answer this question, I will probably know the answer a couple of years later. But thinking about the future I know that I will regret it a lot not having had the courage to finally DO it. Going blue water sailing. NOW.

This was when we realized that our dream became a plan. And our plan is on the way to become reality soon.

First day at the shipyard: Lots of work ahead but a happy crew.

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